Journey of Gratitude

Journey of gratitude

Rev Heeyoung Lim invites us to step into her shoes as she shares her Journey of Gratitude and Blessings, and her new beginning as a UCA Minister of the Word.

I was born and raised, and ordained in Seoul, South Korea. I worked in the Education and Resource Department of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK, one of UCA’s partner denominations) for 10 years. Following my move to Australia, I have served as a recognised and inducted minister for 9 years; first in the Korean Church of Melbourne and then at Leighmoor Uniting Church.

Recently, I completed the necessary procedures for me to transfer from PCK to UCA. The Service of Admission for myself as Minister of the Word within the UCA will be held on November 12. I believe and appreciate that God places me, and leads me within His will.

admission service 1

I give many thanks first to God, and then to the ministers, staff and members from the PPE Presbytery, PRC, JNC, MLDC, and in Synod, together with the ministers in the Murrumbeena, Coatesville, and Leighmoor Uniting Churches cluster because I am truly blessed by their warm care, endless help, loving prayers, and continuous encouragements.

During my UCA Journey, I have learned many things from UCA churches and ministers in terms of ministry, worship, education, fellowship, culture, and self-care. The way into the Uniting Church holds a special significance for me as it demonstrates unity and continues to do so by the fellowship of various congregations and communities responding together.

One thing I continue to be interested in is the formation and transformation of our Leighmoor congregation in terms of five essential factors of church, 1) worship and liturgy, 2) teaching and training, 3) preaching and mission, 4) fellowship and pastoral care, and 5) serving and doing through lifelong faith growth and experiences of faith. I aim for these to be achieved within every age group in our church, while it is also balanced, intercultural, intergenerational, and missional.

admission service 2

I sincerely appreciate that the Leighmoor congregation is a faith community that is spiritually mature, emotionally encouraging, and generously supportive. I believe God will use me for a new phase according to His plans through serving the Leighmoor Uniting Church. I also want to contribute to life-long discipleship and a culture of discipleship in our congregation and wider faith communities through my ministries and involvement in MLDC.

I confess that my UCA journey has been a Journey of Gratitude and Blessings. I hope you will pray with me that this new beginning and the rest of my journey will be filled with love and joy.

Thanks be to God