January 19, 2022

Christ the Lord. The True Light of the World 25-12-2021

25th December 2021 (Christmas Day)

Title: Christ the Lord, The True Light of the World

(Scripture Reading: John1:1-14)

                                                                                    By Heeyoung Lim

We give thanks for the light of hope, peace, joy, and love. Our hope in Christ shines on. The peace of Christ lights our way. His peace is not weak, it is strong and unafraid. His Joy is persistent and unpredictable. The Joy of Christ brightens our lives in so many ways. The love of Christ comforts and challenges. Today we lit the Christ candle as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. The darkness is working so hard in the world, but Christ’s light is working harder through us. Jesus is the true light of the World. 

Christmas Day is a celebration of the light of Christ coming into our world. Today we sing of the light which breaks open the darkness and lights up the whole world. For the light of Christ gives us hope in the dark times in our lives. Jesus reveals life and light. Eternal life and heavenly light come to those who trust Jesus and are born again from above. (6)

John introduces Jesus to his readers as the Word of God, the Son of God, and the Lamb of God. John 1 tells us that “the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.” In other words, God himself came to be one of us. He came to live with us. He came to provide us the gift of becoming children of God.

May we appreciate Jesus lives among us with full of glory and grace and truth. The Incarnated Word as the mediator of revelation and reconciliation lives among us. The child born for us will rule with endless peace and justice for everyone. In today’s text, we find the purpose of the coming of Christ.

“O Come, All Ye Faithful” is one of the well-known songs of Christmas. In its first three verses it tells the story of Christ’s birth with triumphant joy. And in the fourth verse, the deep mystery is described as in John1. We sing with hope, for we live in dark times. This is verse 7 we sang at the beginning, “Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing” this lyric reminds us that God himself has come to be one of us.

When we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate the mystery that God has become one of us so that he could save us from our sins and death, giving us new life as the children of God. And as the song’s refrain invites us to sing, “O come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord!” May we sing and adore Jesus as our Lord in our daily life. We are living totally different life after we believe in Jesus. All of this was possible because Jesus came to this earth for us. His incarnation made us to born again. 

Light is defined by the shadows that surround it. Every parent knows that a newborn infant will face both happiness and difficulties as the child grows up. When God send Jesus to us, He knew the Son’s future suffering on the cross. Incarnation does not only include happiness, but also God’s heart-breaking sorrow. However, Christmas day is a day of hope and salvation.

Today we celebrate the birth of a baby born in a manger. We join our voices with the company of angels, shepherds, and wise men. Today we declare this baby to be the light of the world, the true light that enlightens everyone, the light that the darkness cannot overcome.

We have struggled with darkness in our world for a long time because we hunger for Christ’s light. This is the light which promises the salvation of the world. And if we can live in the light, then we will find ourselves as children of God. And if we follow the light, then we will walk with Jesus as his disciples. As followers of Jesus, we keep holding up the light of Christ and the hope that brings. And if we refuse to let the darkness take over, then the light will grow brighter, and the darkness will move away a bit further.

We need to shine our light of faith and hope, no matter how small. It is amazing how even a little bit of light can really light up the darkness. Even threats and force cannot stop the people who sing songs of freedom, hoping for the light to come. Jesus Christ is the heart of the gospel. For all who receive Jesus, believing in Him as the true light of the world, He gives “the right to become children of God.” May we all be brightening the dark world with the light of Christ as children of God and disciples of Jesus. 

Thanks be to God! Amen.
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