From Little Things Big Things Grow 06-10-2019


Increase our faith, said the apostles, and so do most of us.  We all struggle with our faith, and would love to have a deeper and stronger faith.   But Jesus says it is not the amount of the faith that makes a difference; in fact only a tiny amount of faith in the living God is enough.   From that tiny faith in God, great things can happen.   It is actually not the faith that makes the difference so much as who we put our faith or our trust in.

The story Jesus goes on to tell shows that the key thing God is looking for is faithfulness, actually doing what God asks of us or calls us to do.   That is much more important than the depth of our feelings or the words we use to profess the strength of our faith.  Faith is having the trust in God to take that first step without knowing the outcome.  Faithfulness kicks in as we keep following Jesus, even when the going gets tough.

Paul writes in 2 Timothy telling Timothy that his faith first lived in his grandmother, Eunice, then his mother, Lois, and has been handed on to him. Eunice would not have dreamed when she first decided to start following Jesus that her grandson would become a leader of the church, still celebrated 2000 years later. It was the same in Russia.During the long period of Communism when churches were closed, it was the grandmothers who passed on their faith to their grandchildren in secret – now churches are being reopened and are full.

From little things big things grow.

The marvellous song From Little Things, Big Things Grow tells the story of the Gurindji aboriginal people, who in 1966 walked off the cattle station owned by Lord Vestey, who had taken over their land.  

A small protest by people who were not even citizens in their own land, against rich and powerful interests.  But they remained faithful to their vision of running their own cattle station on their own land, and eventually were granted the title to a portion of it in 1975.

What small step in faith are you being challenged to take?

From little things, big things grow.

Robert Johnson 

6 October 2019

October 2019