The Which Way Signpost

We are used to signposts for connection to journeys and places. Also signposts which warn us of dangers. Sometimes in wartime signposts were altered to confuse the enemy.  Only those who live there know the way.

On a recent Saturday, in the Melbourne Age, there was a thoughtful cartoon. Michael Leunig often makes us think. There were the usual characters , symbols. colours and backdrop. A faint moon in the sky above, the wonderful ever present duck, and of course the  indefatigable Mr Curly . In the middle was a signpost of direction, On the left a sign which pointed to THE MAD WORLD, and on the right. the sign pointed to CURLY FLAT. And a determined Mr Curly was setting out to his own special place, Curly Flat , away from THE MAD WORLD.


Sometimes you and I often wish we could just get away from THE MAD WORLD . So much noise, so much traffic. Terrible news on the TV. The newspapers full of headlines indicating violence across the world. We long to hear the calm and authoritative voice of the master, in and above the discordance of THE MAD WORLD, saying PEACE BE STILL. We, the Church, must be at the WHICH WAY SIGN-POST. pointing to the one who is the WAY. And we can be assured he will go with us all the way.

Reflection: Turn to and read the great hymn of mission. TIS 589. Maybe suggest it to the worship leader for next Sunday’s Praise?


by Bill Pugh.