August 9, 2022

Leighmoor Tennis Club

We don’t cater for casual, one off, hire of the courts.
Enquiring people can come along on Wednesday mornings to try out before signing up if they wish at 9.30am or after 12.00pm on Sunday. (Phone Geoff to let him know you are coming   : 9583 1999)
Courts are available weekdays all year and evenings over summer.  Join up as a family and enjoy some special tennis time together.
No play before 8.30 am. Mon – Sat No play before 12.noon Sundays. (Whilst Church service is proceeding)
Coach    Brad Crosher 0448 823 381     
  ————————————————- Key $15.00 deposit.          Keys can be picked up from Warwick  Looker .   1/18 Naples Rd, Mentone.   ph 9583 4450 Bob Warren-Smith  57 Farm Rd Cheltenham   ph 95841040
Family $115.00   Senior/Adult $70.00   Junior $35.00                 
Fees due each year by Dec 31st.