Trolls, Inhumanity, War….

Trolls, inhumanity, war …

What does trolling have to do with war? It might come as a surprise, but it is the first step in treating someone as less than human. To bad mouth – to denigrate another human being is the to treat them as less than human, less than yourself. It is a devaluing.  Have you ever noticed what happens in war. The enemy is never spoken of in you terms. E.g. the people of that country.  What we have is the Germans became Huns or Nazis, the Argintinians became the Argies, and Arab people Al Quaeda. It is easily to go and shoot people whose collective name is reduced to a non-human-term.

Jesus went to the heart of the matter. He was not so worried about the surface issues, but what came from the inner core of a person. Does our trolling represent our inner attitude to others.  Reflect on Jesus and that he gave us the golden rule in the positive – do to others as you would have them do to you.